Monday, September 1, 2014

One new exercise today, One arm dead lifts never really considered it tbh but turns out that it may have to go down as one of my favourite exercises next to dead lifts and side bends. The core activation that happens when performing this move is fantastic.
I think we all should do it now its been decided.

One arm dead lifts for life.

Time for gym selfie (sweat)

Time for gym selfie (sweat)

Got my sweat on

1 min rest between sets

Deadlifts 90kg 4x8
One arm deadlifts 40kg 4x8
Dumbbell squats 30kg each arm 4x8

Leg Extensions 65kg 4x8
Box jumps 4x10
Close grip pulldown to Tricep Press 35kg 4x8
Side Bends 32kg (ftw) 4x8
Jack Knifes
Arm pump for a swollen exit lol



training in Keirin Racer School


training in Keirin Racer School


2014 RED HOOK CRIT / BARCELONA by Father_TU on Flickr.
Sunday, August 31, 2014

Gym today was decent

10min bike Spin above 120rpm to warm up

Leg Press 150kg 10x10 (hiit)
Hamstring Curl 50kg 10x10 (hiit)

DB Chest Press 28kg 4x8 (failed last set 7 reps grr)
One Arm Row 32kg 4x8

Tricep Dips bw 4x8
Bicep hammer curls 16kg 4x8

Barbel Ab Crunches 25kg 4x10
V Ab Crunches 4x10

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thighs Don’t Lie

The Thighs don’t lie (lol)

Usual training again tonight, quite slow at the beginning mainly due to untimely traffic lights still managed an avg 21.5 was trying to break the 22mph area. three weeks in a row now though I have managed to keep the speed above 21 so performance maintenance is there. On the last lap completed what felt like 1min sprint effort (was only 30secs or maybe less) and definitely was on the verge of voming. Need to get more cycling in and increase the amount of laps around regents to 7 and keep at the gym with the spin sessions before workouts improvement is happening but I want to be happening faster. Let Get it.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

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I needs this


#Bianchi #superpista ‘s in stock. We ship worldwide. @bianchi_official #trackbike #fixedgear #bikeporn (at Superb)

I needs this

2015 #cinelli #mashsf Histogram designed by @garrett_chow 🎯 #regram#fixedgear#trackbike#design


2015 #cinelli #mashsf Histogram designed by @garrett_chow 🎯 #regram#fixedgear#trackbike#design

So haps to be back in the gym, done a HIIT session because I was hyped and nearly faded after my first set on the chest press lol. Either way was so happy that its open. Gonna absolutely go h.a.m. Usually I don’t diet and clean eat (because I love jaffa cakes and cakes and biscuits and chips and fried chicken you get the picture) but I will be cleaning up my eating pattern because in those 4/5 weeks it was closed I lost a lot of tone and I don’t want that to happen again. So Im focussed even more now.

love the gym in your in. (Spoofed from olay) lol